What is Brown Fat and why should you care?

You may not realize there are many types of fat in your body, and each has different properties. White fat stores energy. This is because it tends pushes your pants to the limits and spills over your waistband. You’d be surprised. Some brown fat can also be found, which gets its color due to its iron. Brown fat also has more mitochondria, the so-called “powerhouse” of a cell. These are the “engines” that produce heat and burn calories in brown fat. You can get the best guide on public source.

While the white fat serves as insulation, the active brown fat is vital. Babies have a lot more brown fat than adults. Although adults may have different amounts of brown fat, most adults do not have as much. Although people with a higher body mass tend to have greater amounts than those who are more overweight, it’s not clear if this is genetic.

One study suggests that 15 minutes in the frigid cold may be the equivalent of one hour of exercise. The study involved healthy men and women who exercised in a 65°F lab. Later, the temperature dropped to 53°F and participants in this study sat on a blanket. Both people experienced muscle contractions (shivering) during both tests. ), which is a hormone found in skeletal and musculoskeletal muscle. This hormone is responsible for increasing body heat and creating brown fat cells from the existing white fat cells.

The researchers were puzzled by this discovery. They thought that perhaps shivering is an ancient biological survival mechanism that helps us keep our core temperature. This prevents hypothermia. They developed tests to test if shivering or exercise were the primary drivers of irisin formation. Muscle contractions produce irisin. It doesn’t matter whether you are exercising or shivering. Once it’s made, it circulates through blood changing white fat cells from brown to black.