Five Characteristics that make a good trading platform

I have traded on a number of quotex trading platform over the course my career. Some platforms have been a pleasure and a great place to work. Others made it difficult for me to sleep at night. The quality and range of trading platforms available for traders is varied, from terrible platforms to great ones.

If you need to communicate, I would just list the high-quality platforms and the ones that are not. Unfortunately, I would end up with a mountain of cease and desists and lawsuits if that was my approach. Here are some features I find to be particularly effective platforms.

The data feed’s quality will directly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of any platform. In this article we assume all platforms have a good data feed. We can then remove that variable from the discussion.

1. A good platform should have a high-quality set of charting and other tools.

Trading and active chart requires the ability to draw trend lines, Fibonacci-retracements, pivots, and any other tools traders might need. Drawing these symbols does not require a degree of physics. It should not take much time to enter trend lines and other symbols. You should remember that trading is about price action, and not drawing lines on charts.

2. A good platform should be very easy to understand.

A platform that is good should be easy to set up and read. It should not take you 200 pages to learn how to use the software. The chart should not be difficult to read, and the index readings should always be easily visible. Platforms that require extensive setup or maintenance are costly and can be difficult to use. Quality programs will save your settings. When you open the program again the next morning, the exact settings should be displayed.